“My name is JoeyLynn Hough and I’m running for Brunswick City Council because our great town needs a great government.

The issues most important to me are rebuilding Brunswick’s infrastructure, lowering water rates, and maintaining public safety. Please return your ballot by mailing it in or dropping it off in-person at City Hall today!”

— JoeyLynn Hough

Meet JoeyLynn

JoeyLynn Hough is a wife, mother of three, and local community leader who is running for City Council to make our great town even better.

JoeyLynn and Michael Hough chose to raise their three children in Brunswick and have been proud Brunswick residents for over 13 years. Katelynn (13), Grant (12), and Abby (7) are all attending Brunswick public schools.

JoeyLynn runs her own event planning business and is a dedicated volunteer at her children’s schools as a homeroom mom.

On the City Council, JoeyLynn Hough will stand up for taxpayers and wisely manage your tax dollars, prioritize downtown revitalization, improve infrastructure to reduce water rates, and maintain public safety.



JoeyLynn’s answers to the Brunswick Chamber of Commerce survey is attached.

1) We have been working on downtown revitalization for over thirty years. Some progress has been made. What steps would you suggest to continue or improve the process? 

The downtown is the foundation of Brunswick, with the rest of the town tied to it. We must invest in infrastructure improvements. This means obtaining grants from the federal, state and the county levels. It also means the City must invest in infrastructure improvements, from improved sidewalks to better storm water drainage. These public infrastructure improvements will help spur private-sector investment. In addition, I believe many of the pieces are already in place like the Ambulance Company, the Brunswick Heritage Museum, Beans in the Belfry, and Smoketown Brewery and event center. We need to support these cornerstones of our downtown with improvements like a parking garage. 

2) What is your opinion of our local police department? Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

I support Chief Frech and believe he is doing a great job. He has brought stability to our police force. We need to continue to support our police, both financially and with words of encouragement so they can do their job and rid our city of drugs and crime. Reducing illegal drugs and crime is important for the success of Brunswick. The City of Brunswick should increase community involvement with the police department. For example, Law Enforcement Night Out is a great opportunity for residents to meet and talk with officers. We should encourage and set up more events like this. 

3) Water and sewer service and costs: do you have any suggestion about improvements? 

Water rates are too high in Brunswick. This problem must be addressed. Not only do high water rates hurt ratepayers who are struggling to make ends meet, but it also discourages private development in the downtown. In order to fix this we need to get Yourtee Springs back up and running as soon as possible. With investments from the City and State this should be happening very soon and will reduce water rates for many users downtown. 

Finally, we must continue to invest in water infrastructure, including water runoff to the Potomac River which is causing pollution. 

4) Do you feel that Galyn Manor and Brunswick Crossing are fully neighborhoods of greater Brunswick? If not, how would you suggest accomplishing that?

It is always a challenge when you have a lot of new people move into a town. You worry about losing what makes a town special and unique. I believe we need to embrace the change, while working to maintain our sense of community. We can do that by keeping our community organizations vibrant and recruiting new residents to join. By having new residents join the Brunswick American Legion or the local scouting troops, Little League, and Brunswick Junior Railroaders for example, it helps those organizations while also brining us together as one community. 

5) If a motion comes before the new Council to repeal or modify the current ordinance that forbids the keeping of chickens in Brunswick, will you support or oppose it?

I grew up on a farm and I am familiar with having chickens. There are concerns in regards to sanitation and noise. However, I am respectful of the desire of residents to have fresh eggs and to enjoy their private property as they see fit. As a new member on the council I will keep an open mind and listen to all sides of the debate. 

6) What other question or topic do you think should have the Mayor and Council’s attention in the next two years? 

With so many friends and neighbors unemployed, priority based funding is more important now than ever. Governments are facing deficits due to high unemployment. Now is not the time to raise taxes or water rates, we need to invest in our priorities like infrastructure and public safety. In order to succeed we will need to be fiscally conservative with our budget and I will rely on the leaders we have in town like Tom Smith and Jeff Snoots who have many years of budget experience. 

How to Vote


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all voters will receive their ballots in the mail. Around July 20, 2020, ALL registered voters of Brunswick will receive a ballot
through the mail. These ballots will be the only ballot issued to registered voters, and can be returned to City Hall by mail or by in-person delivery, or through drop boxes around town.

All ballots are due either by mail, in-person delivery at City Hall, or at a drop box by 8:00pm on August 4th.

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