Fundraising is to political campaigns and non-profit organizations as business development is to businesses. If you don’t ask people for business, you are not going to stay in business for too long! There are many tasks required to setup your fundraising infrastructure and system. Our team will work with you to build a high caliber fundraising operation from scratch. Once our system is live, we will work with you on donor identification, networking, call time, letter writing, digital outreach, and event planning. Most importantly, we will work with you to develop your compelling story that will inspire your audience to take action and stay involved.

Event Planning

Events are huge part of your developmental activities. Not only do they generate revenue, they can attract media attention and new supporters. We work with you from start to finish to conceptualize your event, secure venues, hire vendors, request celebrity appearances, invite your guests, publicize your event, sell tickets, staff your event, collect money, and follow up with all your donors and attendees to keep them engaged.

Ancillary Services

Our team is also available for one-off projects related to your campaign like graphic design, direct mail, website development, photos, and video. Whether you need our team for one project or for the life of your organization, we exert the same effort because your fundraising success is our business.